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New & Refurbished Computers


We can custom-build a system that will fit YOUR needs.

Meeting the needs of our customers is our primary focus. Our philosophy is simple: Build a high quality product, offer outstanding support and your product will sell itself. We specialize in high-end, custom-built computers that can accommodate the need for top-of-the-line technology such as graphic design, music media or heavy gaming computers.

We can provide you with custom tailored computer systems designed specifically to fit your special needs. Whether you need a high end system for gaming and multimedia, a basic system to browse the internet, a business system for your office work, or a server grade solution for your business, we can help.New| Custom built | Refurbished | Computers | Servers | Colorado Springs | CO



We are partners with Dell and HP, so we can offer you a server solution that specifically meets your software and application requirements.

We save you money by designing your system to fit your needs and excluding the often resource heavy software packages installed on mass produced systems. Custom Built systems are often less costly to repair as they use standard hardware rather than expensive proprietary hardware used by today's major computer companies.


No hidden charges! Satisfaction Guaranteed.
And of course, we warranty & support everything we sell.

The next time you consider purchasing a new computer, please call us first so we can provide you with a system designed specifically for your needs. Brand Name PC and Servers sales & Service: We sell Dell and HP personal computers, laptop and servers. After performing a free evaluation of your needs, we will recommend the optimum configuration for the best solution. We are Registered Partners with Dell®, HP® and Microsoft®.


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